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S.A. Northey, G.M. Mudd, T.T. Werner
Unresolved Complexity in Assessments of Mineral Resource Depletion and Availability
Natural Resources Research.

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S.A. Northey, G.M. Mudd, T.T. Werner, S.M. Jowitt, N. Haque, M. Yellishetty, Z. Weng
The exposure of global base metal resources to water criticality, scarcity and climate change.
Global Environmental Change (2017) 44: 109-124.

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S.A. Northey, G.M. Mudd, E. Saarivuori, H. Wessman-Jääskeläinen, N. Haque
Water footprinting and mining: Where are the limitations and opportunities?
Journal of Cleaner Production (2016) 135: 1098-1116.

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S.A. Northey, N. Haque, R. Lovel, M.A. Cooksey
Evaluating the application of water footprint methods to primary metal production systems.
Minerals Engineering (2014) 69: 65-80.

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S. Northey, S. Mohr, G. Mudd, Z. Weng, D. Giurco
Modelling future copper ore grade decline based on a detailed assessment of copper resources and mining.
Resources, Conservation and Recycling (2014) 83: 190-201.

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S. Northey, N. Haque, G.M. Mudd
Using sustainability reporting to assess the environmental footprint of copper mining.
Journal of Cleaner Production (2013) 40: 118-128.

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C. Browning, S. Northey, N. Haque, W. Bruckard, M. Cooksey. Haque
Life cycle assessment of rare earth production from monazite.
REWAS 2016: Towards Materials Resource Sustainability, Nashville, Tennessee, USA, 14-18 February 2016.

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N. Haque, T. Norgate, S. Northey
Life cycle based greenhouse gas footprints of metal production with recycling scenarios.
EPD Congress 2014, TMS 2014, Sandiego, USA, 16-20 February 2014: 113-120.

S. Northey, N. Haque
Assessment of greenhouse gas emission from copper production: A case study of El Teniente Copper Mine.
Enviromine 2013, Santiago, Chile, 4-6 December 2013; Gecamin: 99-109.

C. Bao, M. Mortazavi, S. Northey, T. Tarnopolskaya, A. Monch, Z. Zhu
Valuing flexible operating strategy in nickel production under uncertainty.
MODSIM 2013, 20th International Congress on Modelling and Simulation, Adelaide, Australia, 1-6 December 2013: 1426-1432.

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S. Northey, N. Haque
Life cycle based water footprints of selected mineral and metal processing routes.
Water in Mining 2013, Brisbane, Australia, 26-28 November 2013; AusIMM: 35-50.

G.M. Mudd, Z. Weng, S.A. Northey, S.M. Jowitt, R. Memary, S. Mohr, D. Giurco, L. Mason
A projection of future energy and greenhouse gas emissions from copper mining.
World Mining Conference 2013, Montreal, Canada, 11-15 August 2013; Canadian Institute of Mining, Metallurgy and Petroleum: 14p.

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S. Northey, N. Haque, G. Mudd
Life-cycle based water footprinting methodology in the production of metal commodities.
ALCAS Life Cycle Management Conference 2015, 23-27 November 2015, 2p.

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S. Northey, N. Haque, G. Mudd
The Challenges in Estimating the Water Footprint of Mined Commodities.
Dynamic Ecolibrium, SENG 2015 National Conference, 9-10 September 2015, Adelaide, Australia

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N. HaqueS. Northey
Application of life cycle assessment methodology for assessing environmental impacts of mining, mineral processing and metal production.
Indo-Australian workshop on Sustainability and LCA, 4 March 2014; Indian School of Mines: 35-44.

S. Northey, N. Haque
Assessment of embodied energy and greenhouse gas emissions from primary copper production: A case study of Olympic Dam.
Sustainable Engineering Society (SEng) 2013 Conference, 18-20 September 2013, Canberra, Australia.

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S. Northey, M. Upton, P. Williamson, D. Hoekstra
Water Footprinting – Communicating mine site water performance in a circular economy
Engineering Solutions for Sustainability: Materials and Resources 3, Toward a Circular Economy, Denver CO, United States, 18-19 February 2017.

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S.A. Northey, G.M. Mudd
Resource Depletion Scenarios – How should we address the limitations?
35th International Geological Congress, 27 August-4 September 2015; Cape Town, South Africa.

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S. Northey, N. Haque, M. Cooksey
Addressing variability of life cycle based environmental impacts of metal production.
7th High Temperature Processing Symposium 2015, 2-3 February 2015; Swinburne University of Technology: 20-22.

E. Curtis, F. Janakievski, S. Northey, N. Haque, K. Desilva, N. Shiferaw Terefe
Process evaluation of forward osmosis for dewatering of milk.
Institute of Food Technologists Meeting, New Orleans, USA, 21-24 June 2014.

S. Northey, E. Grimmond, N. Haque
Understanding the sustainability of metal production.
7th Korea-Australia Joint Symposium, Busan, South Korea, 13 May 2014.

S.A Northey, N. Haque
Status of specific energy intensity of copper: Insights from the review of sustainability reports.
6th High Temperature Processing Symposium 2014, 3-4 February 2014; Swinburne University of Technology: 40-42.

S. Northey, N. Haque
Role of LCA to reduce the environmental impact of Australian copper processing.
CSIRO Intelligent Processing Symposium 2013 (CIPS2013), 29-31 May 2013.

S. Northey, N. Haque
Evaluation of Environmental Impact of Processes.
Chemical Branch (JVCEC), Engineers Australia, Melbourne, 22 August 2014.

S. Northey
Improving the sustainability of mineral production processes.
Queensland Minerals and Energy Academy (QMEA) webinar, 17 March 2014.

S. Northey
Quantifying the environmental impacts of materials and processes.
South West Group, Victoria Division, Engineers Australia, 9 August 2013.

R. Kerr
The Coming Copper Peak
Science (magazine) 14 February 2014, 343(6172), pp. 722-724.

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I had some contact with the author to help develop his understanding of the issues and I also supplied high-resolution figures. Despite this, there are several aspects of the final article that I disagree with.

T. Humphreys
Peak Copper
Mining.com article, 8 April 2014.

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I had no communication with the author and I also can’t remember how I came across the article in the first place. It’s mentioned here because the copper scenario work is featured prominently in this article.

My estimates of audience size, as a rough indication of the reach of my presentations.

>150 – 27 Nov 2013 – Water in Mining 2013 in Brisbane

>70   – 13 May 2014 – 7th Korea-Australia Joint Symposium in Busan, South Korea

>40   – 03 Feb 2014 – 6th High Temperature Processing Symposium in Melbourne

>30   – 09 Sep 2015 – SENG 2015 National Conference in Adelaide

>30   – 18 Sep 2013 – SEng 2013 in Canberra

~30   – 09 Aug 2013 – South West Group (VIC), Engineers Australia in Warrnambool, VIC

>20   – 09 Aug 2013 – CSIRO Intelligent Processing Symposium 2013 in Melbourne

>20   – 22 Aug 2014 – JVCEC, Engineers Australia in Melbourne

~20   – 17 Mar 2014 – Queensland Minerals and Energy Academy via an Online Webinar

Estimated total audience time = 174 hours (audience size multiplied by presentation duration)